Our Vision is to Reimagine the Gaming Ecosystem Through NFTs and Loyalty & Rewards

How We Do It

Wondr Gaming unites brands within the fragmented gaming and entertainment ecosystem and we empower gamers, athletes, and entertainers to ensure they commercialize their assets.

Wondr Gaming Rewards

  • The $2.5B gaming market is expected to grow to $20B by 2025
  • We enable users to earn points and help brands move product and better understand their demographic

Wondr NFT

  • NFT market was 250M in 2020, with investments up 299% YoY
  • We offer the only fully white labeled platform owned by a publicly traded company
  • Leagues, teams, agencies, and organizations commercialize assets in our marketplace via revenue share agreement

Wondr Media

  • +150M follower reach via Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook
  • We create content, activate campaigns with brands, aggregate users, and drive consumers to Gaming Rewards and Wondr NFT