Wondr believes that the esports and gaming culture is at the intersection of sports and music. Our media, NFT and loyalty businesses serve the 2 billion gamers that play daily.

It all started with Jon and Mike, who wanted to create an alternative model where teams, athletes and entertainers got fair pay for their intellectual property, brands got to reach a vast and often untapped audience, and gamers got rewarded for doing what they do best

Wondr grew from the idea that all of these stakeholders could benefit if they were brought together in cool and innovative ways.


Building loyalty on a platform where the biggest names in gaming and the hottest brands on the planet connect with the global gamer demographic – and everyone wins.


Creating and selling unique limited edition NFTs of historic memorabilia owned by the athletes and musicians that we partner with.


Connecting top brands and influencers with the global gaming community.

When Jon and Mike were joined by these eSports and gaming experts, along with superstar athletes and entertainers, media specialists and business gurus, magic was made.

When you put it all together you can’t help but get Wondr.