How It Works

Fans purchase products and engage with sponsors via Gaming Rewards Marketplace.
Fans earn gaming reward points on every purchase and on sponsorship activations.
They can then redeem their Gaming Reward points to purchase any product featured on our platform.

The Model

User Data: Understanding Gamer Preferences

Personalization based on ad and product search data
Gamer data metrics and ROI now available
Demographic and geolocated gamer data
The future value of user data captured over the the lifetime of each gamer is incredibly valuable to multiple sectors such as banking, telcos, insurance providers, automotive manufacturers, QSR, beverage etc.

User Data: Understanding Gamer Preferences

Example: user purchases a 00 Samsung television on our platform
Revenue share 9% =
Revenue share to team/influencer who referred user is 5% = .50
Revenue share allocated to points awarded to user is 5% = .50
Net profit
This system is similar to the “Gold Standard” as each reward is commoditized by actual dollars derived from previous transactions. Annually, billions of rewards dollars are not redeemed across the globe. rewards points are valid for a period of 18 months, in the event they are not redeemed the money escrowed to commoditize and points are returned to the company and show up on the bottom line as profit.

The Technology

Our technology partner is GroupBy Inc.  GroupBy’s fully cloud native technology powers the world’s most relevant and highly converting eCommerce websites. Their SaaS-based suite provides industry-leading features for search, navigation, personalization, merchandizing, and SEO and is used by companies such as Best Buy Canada, Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS, BJ’s Wholesale, and more. 

Some of GroupBy's Customers