Wondr Gaming to curate and host $50,000 custom PUBG tournament across Gamelancer network, for IHC esports

TORONTO, March 8, 2022 – Wondr Gaming Corp. (CSE: WDR) (CSE: WDR.WT) (the “Company” or “Wondr Gaming“) is pleased to announce that it will host a custom PUBG tournament for IHC – one of the leading cryptocurrencies in Asia. In addition to being listed on major crypto exchanges globally including its own exchange X-Meta, IHC also owns Zeus Esports Team (one of the top PUBG esports teams in Asia), and Team Checkmate (one of the leading CS:GO esports teams in Asia).

With the recent rise in inflation globally, IHC was created to help people in developing countries equip themselves financially to deal with the rising costs of daily living. Through its coin being tied to inflation, IHC offers unique value to each coin holder.

“Wondr is excited to help IHC add further utility for its coin holders, through a custom PUBG tournament designed to grow awareness of IHC globally. The Wondr curated custom PUBG activation will be hosted across the #1 gaming network on TikTok Gamelancer. Gamelancer’s network is comprised of 20+ channels, featuring over 26,500,000 followers and over 1,000,000,000 monthly views. Wondr Gaming is the go-to utility player for companies like IHC looking to utilize the gaming community to grow their client base.” – Dr Robert Palmer, Senior Vice President & Head of Loyalty, Wondr Gaming


About IHC

IHC is a blockchain and cryptocurrency company, which has been launched from Mongolia to provide an alternative way for people to protect their wealth from inflation. Besides fighting inflation with their protocols, such as burning tokens and buy-back programs, IHC’s biggest benefit is utility. With the upcoming On-Chain wallet, and recently launched IHC Payment service, users are now benefiting from not only trading IHC, but also using it in everyday life. IHC Payment enables the customers to buy goods and services from 270,000 different organizations, simply by scanning a QR code. IHC On-Chain Wallet will soon be found on all application platforms, with many notable features, such as Lending and Staking IHC. Through these features, IHC holders are now available to secure a loan by using their tokens as collateral and earn rewards by holding their tokens on the Wallet App.

Last year IHC acquired Zeus Esports, a leading PUBG-focused esports organization in Asia. In addition IHC recently acquired Team Checkmate, one of the top CS:GO teams in Asia. Through these investments, IHC is uniting thousands of people under the same interests and expanding their community.