No matter whether it’s sports, esports, gaming, music, art, memes or anything else you can imagine, we’re a fully white-labeled platform that can turn a single asset or an entire catalog into NFTs. Celebrities, athletes, leagues, teams, agencies and organizations can commercialize their assets and start earning under their own brand names.

We’re the first publicly traded company in North America with a fully built out NFT platform, and we’ll be the industry leader in a market we firmly believe is here to stay.

What Is an NFT?

Remember the trading card days of got it, got it, need it? That’s now happening in the digital world. An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is an asset that’s unique and non-interchangeable. It’s an alternative asset, such as an image or video that’s turned into a digital commodity to be sold. Just like a physical commodity, a finite number of each NFT will be in the marketplace, but it will exist in a digital framework and be traded on blockchain technology.

How Can I Get One?

The NFTs are hosted and sold on our blockchain platform. They can be minted in single copies or in limited editions, like 1 of 10, or 1 of 1,000, or more. NFTs are a great way to bring moments past and present to fans.

What’s in It for Buyers?

  • Ownership of the NFT, validated by a token that is logged on the blockchain
  • Purchase of a limited edition that can appreciate in value
  • Possession of a digitized collectible to keep, trade or sell

What’s in It for Sellers?

  • A reputable white labeled platform to mint and sell their branded NFTs
  • Turning photos, videos, memes and more into a lucrative new revenue stream
  • Access to a large audience of NFT consumers

Ready to get started?

Join in!  Creating an NFT starts here.