Game On, Earn On!

Gamers get generously rewarded for doing what they do, while brands and influencers build loyalty and form meaningful connections with the global gaming community.

How It Works

Earn rewards points on every transaction. Points can be used to purchase any product offered on the platform. Brands get exposure, influencers get a cut, members get more points, everybody wins.

What’s in It for Brands?

  • Exposure to a large and influential gaming audience
  • A platform to move more product
  • Actionable data to better understand and reach the demographic

What’s in It for Influencers?

  • Being part of an awesome loyalty program their followers will love
  • Participation in revenue-sharing for redeemed rewards
  • Access to a large, powerful demographic to grow your followers

Ready to get started?

Join in!  Participating in our rewards program starts here.